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another for the christians.

long beach

(G-Star cowboy shirt, G-star skinny jeans, BGD heathered v-neck tee, Sperry Topsider navy boat shoes, Louis Vuitton damier canvas keepall 55)

On the beautiful and glorious weekend of July Fourth, I spent it on the academic campus of Cal State Long Beach at VYC 3 (aka Vietnamese Youth Convention 3).  The weekend was full of music, praying, sitting, listening, thinking, and Vietnamese-ness.

Unfortunately, my lack of Vietnamese-ness prevented me from understanding most of the weekend and not being able to enjoy myself.  Don’t get me wrong, there were lots of people, a variety of activities, and plentiful opportunities to mingle and such; however, my attitude and charisma was just lacking.

As for the spiritual aspect of the convention, I must undoubtedly conclude that this Catholic experience has definitely pushed me closer to Christianity.  From individual attitudes, philosophical thought processes, and the general sense of community, Christians are just so much more happy, open-minded, and non-self-absorbed than most of the Catholics I had encountered this weekend.

I would like to especially thank my buddies, Kimee, Jessica, and VyVy for keeping this shy boy company through a very tedious experience.

Till next VYC, I don’t think so.

Click below for more pictures…


vyvy & kimee at roscoe's house of chicken


me & cousin, jessica at roscoe's house of chicken


jessica, kevin, kevin, joe


kimee & me


me & cousin, jessica


the gang, wouldn't have been the same without them


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