the pursuit of quality in a fleeting life

what the F, kinda day


(Zara blue and black plaid shirt, H&M tan shorts, Locman Watch, Sperry Topsider navy boat shoes)

Have you ever had one of those days where you find yourself just asking, “What the f*** am I doing?!?!”  Well, that day was yesterday.

In the midst of yet another simultaneously redundant sale, clothes strewn everywhere and old ladies shouting for me from every corner, I just could not help myself, but ask, “What the hell am i doing here?”

Granted most days, I am happy for the busy-ness, the feeling of being needed, and the rain of compliments; that day, I was just looking for the time to go by and the door drawing closer.  I work my ass off, sweat, blood, and tears all included; and in the end, I just find myself asking, “What for?”

Well, when i find out, I will definitely blog it for everyone to know.  Until then, keep trekking because at the end of any hike is a beautiful lake to play in.


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