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team lagerfeld

chanel fall 2009 couture

chanel fall 2009 couture (courtesy of

While all other blogs are rooting for and blasting images of the stellar Givenchy Fall 2009 couture show, I must give my applaud to Mr. Lagerfeld.  Romaticism, Parisian, elegant, stunning, exquisite, divine, are only some of the many words to describe his collection.  Take a look at my favorites; hopefully, they will show on some red carpets soon.

BTW, if you don’t know me already, I have an eye for beautiful women in fantastic clothes.  I currently work as an assistant department manager in Fine Apparel (including Designer and Couture) for Neiman Marcus.  I have worked there for almost eleven months now and absolutely love it (on most days).  I love fashion, the philosophy of consumption, and the prestige of design.  I look forward to hopefully buying the French collections some day. Till then, just gotta keep my eyes open and my feet running.


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