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shoes make boys happy too.


(zara velcro strap, zara d-ring buckle, aldo classic lace-ups)

So, today I had work as usual spending most of the day in the dreaded fur department logging in, entering into the ledger, and wiring the hundred+ furs that we received today.  It went by as usual as any day at Neimans passes.

Then after work, I had dinner with my uncle of which I am the closest to.  We chatted, ate, and then did what we always do together, spend money.  Of course, him being the consumer that ALL salespeople fear, he had had merchandise with him to return/exchange.  However, I was on my own mission – to find new shoes for work.

The first store was of course Aldo.  With a whole new collection in, I was sold on the pair of classic lace-ups (top right).  Having left with a belt and new pair of shoes, I went to Zara after my Uncle just for the hell of it.  Of course, they were having a massive sale with piles of clothes strewn everywhere from the incessant digging from all of its loyal patrons.  Just my luck, they had shoes laid out like it were a flea market pawning useless trinkets and disheveled junk.  In midst of all that rubbish, I found a pair of velcro strap shoes (top left) that looked rather interesting and I decided to go for it – afterall, they were on sale.

Then the inevitable happened.  After paying for the one pair of Zara shoes, I go back to the Men’s section to look for my uncle when I see another pair of black shoes sitting in the middle table waiting for me.  Also with a strap across the top, but held on with d-rings, I was sold upon seeing its reduced price as well.  I sealed the deal by heading up the register for the second time and swore to not go back there again.

This seems like an entirely “Sex in the City” type of post, but I personally do dread the thought of shopping and not finding what I want; so I’d have to say that tonight was quite the success.  I was on the mission for one pair of shoes and completed it with three (and a belt).  The only collateral damage may be if I return the Aldo shoes – the thought of full-price seems so daunting.

Till our next shopping adventure, keep your eyes open and the deals will be there right in front of you.


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  1. GDW

    And girls love men’s shoes too 🙂
    Check out this WWW hahaha

    Great blog!

    July 21, 2009 at 1:29 am

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