the pursuit of quality in a fleeting life

urban adventure


(Paul Frank sunglasses, BDG striped v-neck tee, G-Star skinny jeans, Creative Recreation sneakers, D&G watch)

In pursuit of acquiring new experiences in my life, I decided at 9:30 this morning to just take the plunge and give my day to Kim, Marianne, Moe, and Billy.

The first adventure was a Japanese festival in LA that Marianne had heard about.  We were all about there until we hit a bridge that had closed for construction.  Without a doubt, we reengineered our navigation and finally arrived at our destination around noon.  However, an unexpected surprise was the amount of wonderful graffiti art that was everywhere. Back to the Japanese festival, it turned out that we were way too early for the festivities and hardly anything was happening until 2pm.  Nonetheless, Kimee and Marianne had a great time shopping samples in a random building atrium for just 3 BUCKS a piece.  What a deal!!!  And I got to admire large sunglasses painted on a building and all the great graffiti art plastered everywhere.


Graffiti all around Hewit Street in LA

On to our next excursion, we met up with Moe and Billy at their residence next to USC around 2:30pm.  (Note: Marianne and I were verbally desperate for some sustenance as we had not eaten all morning.)  Then, we made our automotive trek to Paradise Cove in Malibu.  Who knew that such a gem was tucked away so far?!?!  By the time we got there, it was nearly 3:30pm and the beach was super crowded.  Looking for a distraction from the hunger and heat, I couldn’t take the wait for a table any longer and decided to jump into the ocean all by myself; no one else had brought any proper clothes to swim in.  (I am always prepared.)  I jumped in a couple times and the water was so wonderful, besides being salty and infested with seaweed.

It was finally our turn to be seated to enjoy some much anticipated food to satisfy our insatiable hunger that had been accumulating all afternoon.  The kobe beef was great and the calamari too and the french fries; however, the most jawdropping part of our meal was the huge 10-inch slice of dark chocolate cake that we indulged in after a fulfilling meal.


A slice of chocolate cake at Paradise Cove

After an early dinner, we left Paradise Cove and joined the long line leaving the beach on PCH.  The best lesson learned on our long and arduous drive was: to properly compliment a woman in another car or on the street is two distinct taps on the horn.  One is rude and two is a compliment.

On the ride back to Moe’s, we saw the Santa Monica pier from PCH and decided that we HAD to stop by the Promenade.  We walked off our large meal on the cobblestones of the Third Street Promenade and went to Sephora for some product for my hair (using the samples of course) and some lipgloss for Marianne (samples as well).   Ironically, Kimee was the only one who bought anything with out using just the samples.

The sun had set upon us as we walked the Promenade as we decided to call it a day.  We finally got home hours later and with the remaining pack of three, we headed to Joe’s Petrucci to end the night a Bada Bing Cherry Joe.  Yummy!!


Kimee, Billy, Moe, Joe, Marianne

Lesson:  Just take a dive and go for it.  It may not turn out exactly how you anticipate, but it will make for some great memories and stories to tell.

Till the next adventure, watch out for squid bites!!!


2 responses

  1. kimee le

    Remember: A pack of wolves! haha

    Glad you came on our adventure LJ…wouldn’t have been the same without you.

    the treehouse is waiting for the both of you!

    July 13, 2009 at 9:14 am

  2. kimee le

    o and yes the SQUID BITE!!!

    July 13, 2009 at 9:14 am

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