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the great gatsby


Newport Beach Public Library (Brooks Brothers shirt, G-Star skinny jeans, Modern Amusement sneakers, Paul Frank sunglasses, Toywatch acrylic watch, Fred Perry carryall)

I just finished reading the most wonderfully fabulous book in my entire life – The Great Gatsby.  Yes, I know that it is quite pathetic that I am reading an embarrassingly short (200 pages) high school-required reading type of a book, but where was I when all the other students had to read it?

Well, I must say that to live the life of Mr. Jay Gatsby would just be divine and the pinnacle of success.  However, at this specific life-milestone I feel like the other main, not so wonderful, character – Mr. Nick Carraway.  Even though he would be considered quite common as compared to the other, more extravagant characters, he has a humble demeanor that is respectable and relatable.  It is such a fast devious plot of adultery, partying, and drinking in the greatest location of all – New York City.

If you have not read it, then please do let me lend you my copy.

However, the saying kinda goes, “It is bad to lend a book to another, but it is even worse to give a book back.”  Well, something of that sort.


2 responses

  1. Angie

    It might be because I HAD to read it and HAD to write essays about it and HAD to do presentations on it….I wasn’t a huge fan of the book. I can’t say that I wouldn’t like it now, because the me now is millions of miles away from the me at 16 or so.

    On another note, totally dig the photos, the clothes , the flowers, the LIVE STRONG bracelet and YOU. Who took the pics for you? Self portraits? Awesomeness:)

    July 22, 2009 at 12:03 am

    • fastcarshighfashion

      Very good point. It’s probably because I had the free will to read it and enjoy its story. Please do share of any good/great books you have read. Maybe I’ll start a book club. hehe. Although I do not know of many people who read!??!

      July 22, 2009 at 10:33 pm

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