the pursuit of quality in a fleeting life

read label carefully

So last Thursday, I took my sister and a couple of my younger cousins to go see the new Harry Potter movie.  The movie was great and the kids really liked it – me too.  However, the topic in which I would like to blog about today stems from a preview of the new Fox television show called “Glee” that showed before the movie.  The preview looked extremely hysterical because its cast includes the crazy female program director from the movie, “Role Models.”  Well, this evening I hopped on the computer and watched the pilot episode on and it got the brain juices stirring…

Why are we bombarded and so consumed with the idea of labeling and the categorization of individuals into preconceived notions of group?  Does it make it easier to just fit people into these predetermined bins of race, gender, ethnicity, faith, sexuality, etc.?

If so then I guess my full categorization would an:

American-Vietnamese, assistant department manager, (more) Christian (than Catholic), heterosexual, 22 year-old male – just to name a few.

Sometimes, I feel that we are so preoccupied with what cookie -cut-subset of society that we belong to, that we essentially limit our experiences to those who fit into that same category.  Because we are systematically organized into such a caste; our expectations, goals, and accomplishments are then predetermined for us based upon those attributes that are most prominent.  And to think of anything beyond the boundaries of our confines, we are criticized, mocked, and made embarrassed to be unique, creative, and essentially human.  Although as babies, we are born over 90% identical to one another, the experiences and chemistry that accumulate thereafter make us all different.

So as being in the aforementioned category, I strive everyday to live my life vigorously, work my ass off, dream big, and not let my labels determine who I am.

“the only life worth living is the one that you’re really passionate about.”

(glee pilot episode, fox)


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