the pursuit of quality in a fleeting life

it’s just one of those days


the essentials to any good closet (Heritage (AKA XXI) classic cardigan, G-Star straight leg jeans, BDG v-neck tee)

Just wanted to write briefly on what a suprisingly wonderful day today was.

  1. Slept in a little late.  A whole 15 minutes extra.
  2. Realized in my car that it was a morning meeting morning, but still showed up on-time for the Monthly recognition meeting at 9:15am.  Phew!
  3. Got an award for the “Sales Support Associate of the Month” for June.  I was honestly shocked as I had only been working there for 10 months as of June.
  4. Had a rushed and busy day running all over the place.  Stressed and ready to pull my hair out.  Made the time go by very quickly.  Didn’t leave till 7:15ish.
  5. Got home with hardly any traffic.
  6. Ate some yummy food mother made.
  7. Took the siblings and went to Fry’s to get an auxiliary plug for my ipod/car.
  8. Then we all went to Yogurtland for some tarty and fruity and fruity pebbly deliciousness.
  9. Got home, went for a night time jog in the cool air.
  10. Took a soothing shower.
  11. And finally, had wonderful dreams to top it all off.  (The last part has yet to happen, but I hope it does)

I hope everyone’s day was as blessed.  Let’s see what tomorrow has in store for us.


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