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(Love&Eight hoodie, H&M Shorts)

(Love&Eight hoodie, H&M Shorts)

So here’s the update on the much anticipated Mammoth family trip of the summer 2009.  To make the experience much more readable, I will mainly focus on the memorable/great experiences that made the trip worthwhile in separate blogs making them more manageable in reading.

“The Hike That We Thought Was Only Five Miles, But Then Turned Into Eight Miles”

On Saturday, the young fellows of the family, were awakened to the bright, recessed, unnatural lights of the cabin.  Hollering various variations of “Get up!”, “Breakfast is ready!” and “Look at what happens when they stay up too late!”, it was our inevitable fate that we would welcome the natural sunlight of morning.  We bolstered enough energy to get ourselves out of the peace of dreams and into the throws of morning routines.  Eventually, we were up and running and headed to the bus that awaited us in caravaning its passengers up the treacherous mountain.

Nauseous from the twenty-minutes of winding, bobbing, and turning, I quickly exited the bus and proceeded to the furthermost area of open space available.  After drinking half a bottle of water in one gulp, we began our hike.  We hiked for what seemed like forever; inconsistently phased in the heavenly shade and blistering sun, it took us well over an hour and a half to reach the oasis of Rainbow Falls (the name definitely envokes homosexual curiosities, however, we can to realize that it was quite literal).

LOOK.... there really is a rainbow!!!

LOOK.... there really is a rainbow!!!

We jumped into the ice-cold waters and embraced the refresh-ness of the mist.  The waterfall was quite the spectacle and an affirmation of the torturous hike we had to endure to reach it.  There was a massive log that had settled in the middle of the stream that flowed from the waterfall and I took it upon myself to take the initiative and make my way out there.  Crossing the slippery-rocked stream bed, I carefully navigated my way and after a few slips and close-calls, I made it to the sun-bathed island.  Standing as if on an awards podium, I savored my accomplishment and then encouraged the others to follow in suit.  One by one, Diana, Natalie, then Aunt My, mustered up enough bravado to walk across the icy waters and join me on the fallen tree.


the young, the brave, and the accomplished

Savoring our time and resting our feet, our trip back to the bus pick-up location was inevitable.  Though significantly shorter, it was painful and laborious nonetheless.  We hopped back onto another overcrowded bus and reminisced on the great accomplishment of the day.  It was not until we got back to the cabin, bragged to the rest of the family that we had done a 5-plus-mile hike, when Uncle John politically corrects our trek and increased it to a whopping eight-plus-mile hike.  WOW is the only word to express the shock and pride of the update.

Till our next waterfall, the hiking trails will be free to be roamed by all, except us.

Congrats Dad, Aunt Kim Anh, Aunt Kim Vui, Uncle John, Aunt Anh, Aunt My, Diana, Natalie, Kim, and your truly on a hike well done!

Me, the Dad, and the Brother (Peter)

Me, the Dad, and the Brother (Peter)


2 responses

  1. Angie

    WOW! I love the photo of you guys sitting on the log. That’s awesome. So jealous. I’m dying to get a little nature in right about now. Been living in the city for way too long. Yearning for water and trees and sand and dirt and NATURE! Great blog..waiting for the details of the rest of your trip.

    August 4, 2009 at 9:49 pm

  2. kimee le

    I was searching through my emails to find your blog link. Wanted to get my Joe fix in for today! Love the Mammoth pics, imagine if you had a professional camera. A hike well done indeed. Can’t wait to read about SF!

    August 11, 2009 at 8:43 am

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