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i haight street

(paul frank sunglasses, g-star skinny jeans, illinois for obama tee, spearry topsiders, gucci messenger)

(paul frank sunglasses, g-star skinny jeans, illinois for obama tee, sperry topsiders, gucci messenger)

To facilitate a general idea of my (& marianne’s) past weekend in San Francisco, I will simply list the activities in which we participated and some short commentary if warranted.  I hope you enjoy our enjoyed weekend in San Francisco.

  • super quick flight from John Wayne to SFO.
  • took an expensive taxi cab ride to the household.
  • met our hosts for our first night – Thank you so much Anh Huy, Chi Tuyen, Isaac, and  for letting us crash at your place.
  • took a seemingly short, but very long stroll to a late lunch of Chinese food take-out.
  • enjoyed lunch in a neighboring apartment complex – yes, very ghetto, especially with the residents walking by.
  • jumped into another expensive cab ride to the entrance of the beautiful Golden Gate Park.
  • broke a sweat walking to the museum.
  • on the way, we stumbled upon a grassy knoll where we took some great studio pictures.
  • continued walking with the cars zooming by.
  • arrived at the De Young museum – Thank God.
  • skipped the overcrowded Tut exhibit.
  • checked out the African art exhibit – interesting interpretations of African head gear and genetalia (TMI).
  • dreamed beyond the horizons in the museum’s observation tower.
  • dreamed of the horizon in an amazing mural painting.
  • walked to every hall of the De Young museum.
  • walked across the beautiful courtyard to the science museum.
  • saw that it was $25 to get in – hell no.
  • walked to the Japanese Tea Garden.  Paid 5 bucks to get in then pee-ed.
  • gorgeous trees, arches, temple-like-structures-that-do-not-really-have-any-real-purpose thingies, lots of Paris By Night-esque pictures taken, etc.
  • finished with all the trees and lakes stuff.
  • walked a bit more to the world-famous Haight Street.

  • before we even crossed the street onto Haight, there was a knarley (I don’t think that is a real word) heterosexual couple with dreadlocks, baggy/dingy clothing, and large backpacks.
  • onto Haight, it was an absolute zoo filled with foreign tourists, homeless people, and vintage stores waiting for us – yippee.
  • we went into soooo many shops on that one little street and each had its own variety of oddities that would make any conservative cringe.
  • I ended up with an absolutely bad-ass vintage burgundy Members Only leather jacket that is absolutely perfect and a vintage YSL /Dior tie to change out everyday.  Thank you The Wasteland and Static.
  • all the while, I ran into an old acquaintence, ate crepes, went to some more shops.
  • finally decided to stall with a plate of red velvet cake and devise our get-away plan.
  • brave and courageous, we decided to high-tail it back to the mothership by means of bus then a shorter taxi ride.
  • waiting for the bus at the correct bus stop, after getting on the wrong bus, we met a nice, tall, young gentleman who was the typist we had seen earlier that day.
  • ironically, he was selling custom, on-the-spot poems written about any subject for a mere $10.
  • quite brilliant for a guy who makes his living on a street corner.
  • come to find out that he is a traveling typist who does his thing all over the place.  Quite the jet-setter-but-not-on-jets kinda guy – I’m kinda jealous.
  • another friend we met at the same bus stop was a nice, young lady who aspires to fill the world her acrobatic skills as a trapeze artist.
  • cute in her eclectic ensemble and a fresh perspective on life, she was a brave soul traveling on her own – I’m kinda jealous too(of her life, not her ensemble).
  • we people watched our entire bus ride until we landed in Daly City.
  • from there, we jumped into a cab and concluded our day’s adventure safely at home.
  • lights out at 10:30pm – wow, never been to bed so early in my life.

That concludes Day One of Joe and Marianne’s Wild San Francisco Adventure.

More pics for you to enjoy…

me & marianne enjoying lunch outside random apartments

me & marianne enjoying lunch outside random apartments

me & marianne having fun with art

me & marianne having fun with art

absolutely gorgeous

absolutely gorgeous

being silly on haight street

being silly on haight street

Day Two coming soon!!!


One response

  1. kimee le

    Waiting for Day 2!! Love the BFF photo there buddy!! I’m glad you guys hit it off so well 🙂

    August 17, 2009 at 5:20 pm

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