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I LVoe birthday cake

Ok, so here is the much anticipated post about the best birthday cake EVER!!!

So of course, I arrive about an hour late to my (and my cousin Kim’s) birthday dinner with some cousins, aunts, and uncle at BJ’s in Brea.  We had a wonderfully filling dinner and caught on the time past since we had seen each other.  Of course, I enjoyed a nice glass of cider so it was inevitable the time in which the seal would break and I would have to go pee (to be less eloquent). However, when I came back to rejoin the party on the patio, I come to the patio door when Furhan (Diana’s boyfriend and sorry if I spelled your name wrong) stops me just shy of the door and takes me back inside.  He asks a random question of which I cannot even remember because of its juxtaposition from normal conversation when a minute later, Diana comes in and tells us that we can come outside.

To my utter shock and astonishment, what was sitting on the table was a briefcase-sized replica of an Alzer hard-sided Louis Vuitton monogram canvas suitcase.  All done in layers of fondant, accurately colored, and amazing detailed in every essence, I could not stop smiling and admiring the craftsmanship.

I will never forget my Louis Vuitton birthday cake.

Thank you so much for actually listening to your old cousin Diana!  Thank you Diana, Furhan, Natalie, and Raul for such an amazing birthday present. And Thank you family for being at the dinner and sharing in such a wonderful memory that I will cherish forever!!!

I LVoe you all from the deepest crevasses of my heart.

Now, without further adieu:

the most fabulously Louis Vuitton cake ever!!!

the most fabulous Louis Vuitton cake ever!!!

LVoe you guys always!!

LVoe you guys always!!


One response

  1. kimee le

    GAhhhh daym!!! that’s an awesome Cake Joe!!

    August 17, 2009 at 5:30 pm

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