the pursuit of quality in a fleeting life

a last hurray for summer

Like every year before, we had our fabulous Las Vegas trip to end another great summer.  This year, we stayed at Bally’s and it was definitely a treat compared to the horrors of Imperial Palace.  Unlike previous years, we left Thursday night and stayed through to Sunday.  Since most of my readers were there on the trip with me, I happily provide the 10 lessons I learned this year.

10 Lessons from the Strip:

  1. Driving for three hours then being stuck in traffic for two then finishing with another hour thereafter can cause some/a lot of mental anguish and craziness.
  2. When you are down (at the tables), throw in the towel.
  3. Check out the crowd before entering any bar, it may not be what you expect.
  4. When at a buffet, NEVER provide a communal plate.  You end up eating it all yourself.
  5. Don’t let a little drizzle (or thunderstorm) stop you from taking a nice swim.
  6. Clubs are always overcrowded.
  7. Drinking is evil.
  8. Cirque du Soleil shows are better awake.
  9. When you lose your phone, pray that a Vietnamese man who does not know how to use it picks it up.
  10. Remember to apply the above to the next trip because inevitably, I will forget.

All in all, a good time is always had with great friends in a wonderful/crazy town.  Till next summer, I’m out of chips.


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