the pursuit of quality in a fleeting life

newport, new adventures

(thrifted nylon jacket, g-star shirt, g-star skinny jeans, sperry top-siders, locman watch)

(thrifted nylon jacket, g-star shirt, g-star skinny jeans, sperry top-siders, locman watch)

Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz.

Kim Jung Il and international nuclear threat.

Ham & cheese croissants with thai tea.

All of them may not seem like those most plausible combinations; however, once tried, they always stand true.

Last night, I had the fortunate opportunity to finally visit the infamous “Donuts” shop on the Newport peninsula.  Revered and praised by all who have been (especially BJ and Kimee who accompanied that evening), I was finally able to satisfy my desire and hunger for the flaky, cheesy, hammy delicacy along with its perfect counterpart – iced thai tea.  Finding a peaceful oasis on the concrete wall separating the parking lot and the vast beach, we devoured our mini-treats and savored every last crumb.  Especially after a long day of work, the flavors and aromas soothed the beast inside.

joe, me and kimee

joe, me and kimee

Finished with our pastries, we concluded that our hunger stretched beyond our own tight jeans; thus we decided to gorge on corndogs and fries at an adjacent eatery.  It was neither wow-ing nor unfavorable, but it certainly stuffed us to the brim.  Busting at the seems, a walk seemed most appropriate.  Taking in the cool Newport air and smelly carcasses of fresh fished fish, we walked out to the end of the pier and took the pavement of the boardwalk that stretched along the beach.


Deciding that this was the ideal, most logical, and utterly possible location to live in Newport Beach, we set out to find our new abode.  After having checked out the rent, admired the window treatments, and determined the safety of the local school playground equipment (including the swings), we concurred that we will raise our children here and indulge in the tranquil life next to the beach.  How we were going to get there was not an issue, merely a minor speed bump on the highway of life.

We made our trek back to civilization/reality and headed back inland to the dry and desolate land of Anaheim.  Till next time, $4,000 a month for three bedrooms will just not do.


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