the pursuit of quality in a fleeting life

in search of the wild

under a cloud of lights

under a cloud of lights

Last Saturday was the opening party for the “Yellow Terrible Eyes” exhibit at Nucleus in Alhambra.  Hot, humid, crowded, and inspiring are some of the words to describe the experience.  No surprise, there were tons of people, too much body heat, and no air condition.  However, the real reason we were there was for the artwork and like the first time, it was superb.  Various renderings of a boy’s fantastical quest for oversized hairy monsters were abode and plentiful.

(artist unknown, courtesy of Nucleus)

(artist unknown, courtesy of Nucleus)

The exhibit brought me back to time when innocence as a child was sacred and daydreams were a simple luxury.  What happened to the time of make-believe and creating worlds greater and more happier than the one we currently reside?

Who am i kidding?  The point is, the artwork was great to look at and our favorites are shown.

(courtesy of Nucleus)

(artist unknown, courtesy of Nucleus)

After we had our filling of monster-boy art, we headed over to Tasty Garden.  Seemingly a very “happening” place with a line outside and a full dining hall inside.  Fortunately, it was just the two of us, so with our preference of convenient tables right next to restaurant entrances (not really), we were seated immediately at the table closet to the entrance.  The food was ok, oily, and needed some major chili paste, but we ate to our hearts content and moved on.

Desperate for some a sweet fix and a dessert to cleanse our palette, we walked about a half mile down to Noodle World (yes, we were there two weeks prior).  We concurred on something new, the Lychee something, but were utterly disappointed when we realized that it was just ice shavings with some lychee and jelly thrown over it.  It was sweet and refreshing so I guess it served its purpose.  The evening was not entirely fantastic in the eats category, but what can one expect?

(artist unknown)

(artist unknown)

Anyways, we decided that we were done hanging out with the Asians and high-tailed it to downtown LA, to Pershing Square to be exact (I think that is the name of the park).  When we finally found some cheap parking and walked over, we were blown away by the spectacle and eclectic-ness of the artwork displaced all over the landscape.  We meandered through the various displays and appreciated the art for what it was or seemed to be.  It was fun to laugh, criticize, and stare awkwardly at the variety of work presented.

(artist unknown)

(artist unknown)

Ultimately, the evening was one to be appreciative of what we have and recognize that the journey may never be what we expect it to be, but how can it be when searching for where the wild things are?


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