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happy HELLO birthday KITTY


(xxi wool peacoat, Brooks Brothers green gingham sport shirt, G-Star straight leg jeans)

(As premise to this blog, this one is dedicated to Marianne (because she is the ONLY reason I went to this really pink shin-dig)

Well anyways, there was a gallery party at Royal-T Gallery/Cafe in Culver City and who better to go to this event with me than a true Hello Kitty-devotee, Miss Marianne.  I thought that this was going to be another low-key, unpredictable gallery party, but boy was I in for a surprise.

One of many great things at Royal-T, Culver City

If anyone can imagine pink, glitter, and kitty cats on crack, then you have the quintessential experience of this party in a nutshell.  However, back tracking, I must point out that due to my faulty navigational intuition and lack of faith on my car’s navigation, we kind parked a few blocks down from the gallery and walked in the entirely opposite direction.  To be honest we were heading for the bright spinning lights that we saw down the street.

We finally realized that we were going in the wrong direction and headed back to the right.  Unknowingly, the gallery was a hole in the wall with only the inclination of a gallery being the insurmountable line of avid Kitty fans waiting outside.  Ninety-minutes later, we were finally granted access by a Shaq-esque looking gentleman in an entirely black ensemble and made our way into Kitty paradise.

For those artistically-inclined, I would have to say that it was definitely one of the best parties I have been to (and those have not been too many).  There was every Kitty product imaginable in the space, artists’ renderings of the famed Kitty, a Dj bumping great techno-house-pop-music straight from Harajuku Street in japan, and of course live art happening all over.  Personally, I would have to name my top three:

3.  The number of cute girls who are fascinated about the cute Hello Kitty.

2.  The great great set-up for the on-site screenprinting of custom Kitty tees.

1.  The huge portraits of the most awesome-ist chick, Lady Gaga.  She looked fabulous.



Of course, with our fascination with photo books, we had to get a copy of the gallery book.  We had dinner that was also Kitty-inspired.  And all in all, a good time.  Royal-T definitely knows how to throw a great party full of excitement and the gallery is wonderful.  I can’t wait for the next party; in the mean time, enjoy the pics!!!


Yes, kitty waffles and waffle ham-and-cheese sandwiches.


Also fabulous. (Moschino suede heels)


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