the pursuit of quality in a fleeting life

Confessions of a Checklist


(Old Navy v-neck tee, Fruit of the Loom sweatpants, Sperry Top=Sider boat shoes, Ipod touch)

It is finally confirmed that I have an Obsesive Compulsive Disorder:

[  ]  make checklists with small squares to check off (as in the format of this list)

[  ]  stay up till the wee hours of the morning making these checklists

[  ]  work more hours than humanly possible

[  ]  work for prolonged periods without food or water

[  ]  carry an agenda that has details about each days’ activities

[  ]  spend an insurmountable amount of money on such an agenda

[  ]  stalk my manager around with a pad and pen

[  ]  use the pad and pen to make aforementioned checklists

[  ]  reread paragraphs in a book to ensure proper understanding

[  ]  reread books for the fun of such

[  ]  and finally, wash my car at 10pm in the freezing cold (relative to OC standards)

[  ]  a total of three neighbors watched with perplexity at such abnormal behavior

I don’t know any other people who do this.  If you are out there, please comment with name and contact information.  I would like to start an OCD therapy group for victims of such psychological behavior disorders.  Thank you!


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