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Out of Commission

Well, it certainly has been a while that I have posted anything new.  Unfortunately, there has not been much to post.  Nevertheless, I feel obligate to my loyal following to give  recap of my life these past couple of weeks:

NOTE: some details may be medically graphic so please read with caution.

  • I had become entrapped in deathly pain and irritation from a non-contagious, non-sexually transmitted case of shingles on my right leg.
  • I had to finally succumb to a doctor visit (extremely frowned upon by true Asian culture) which ended up costing me a very shiny penny with my crappy insurance.
  • Conclusively, this case has been professionally diagnosed as a result of extreme stress, thus causing a weak immune system, thus causing this virus to surface at such a young age.
  • Then the doctor of course gave me some anti-viral medicine that had no generic equivalent, therefore, the treatment cost me an even more shinier nickel than the office visit.
  • I was slowly becoming  better until another wonderful health condition decided to come visit grandma for the holidays.  Unlike the first, this one makes all aspects of living unbearable and a peaceful death a blessing.
  • Don’t get me wrong, the pain seems like a cake walk rather than having to discuss the treatment for this new onslaught.  I will save everyone the gory details by leaving this new medical condition anonymous.
  • I now have this wonderful early Christmas present of which to deal with. Yay me.

As postive and upbeat as this post may seem, it is absolutely not.  Granted I will not be dying anytime soon (unfortunately), I feel like hell has taken residence in my body and will not be leaving anytime soon.  With so much to look forward to in the next coming days/weeks, I certainly hope that my perseverance will not run dry and, God forbid, find sometime for myself to relax.  Till next time – I feel like shit.


One response

  1. kimee le

    I’m glad you’re healing slowly but surely 🙂
    You’re a trooper for going out to WEHO or as most ppl would call it WEST HO haha

    December 24, 2009 at 2:15 pm

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