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Dead and Gone

kickin' it with the gramps.

Aside:  Normally, I would post a rather trendy, narcissistic, or artsy photo; however, being as it that I did not take one this holiday, I chose an even better photo to showcase.  And nothing is better than acknowledging those who have come before us.  Love you grandpa!

Now, onto the blog….

“Dead and Gone.”  No, I’m not referring to the Justin Timberlake song.  I’m referring to the holiday season that has just passed.

Now normally, I just love the holiday season, but like any weak human being, there is a certain point where we have had enough of the shiny baubles, neatly wrapped presents, and the countless trips to the mall.  We must turn away from superfluous spending, erratic decision making, and of course the incessant need to smile and wish everyone a (mostly) meaningless “Happy Holiday!”

Relative to previous years, I had really taken a break from the festive foray and kept busy with work and being sick.  Being able to take a break from the hectic schedule of mall visits has allowed me to realize that many of the traditional practices are quite trivial and frivolous.

The holidays should really be about spending time with friends and family.  We should be focusing on embracing the graces God has bestowed upon us in the previous year.  We have so many blessings already that it is quite unnecessary to stress over the perfect present for those that should find solace in the overabundance of love and care.

As a tip to next year, cherish each day and live like there is no tomorrow.

Anyways, enjoy the pics as I enjoyed the moments that they capture.

the children

the family


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