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Jelp: Freshia, Bakery, & Kyochon (Garden Grove, CA)

Kyochon: nothing like a beautiful spread

Although I would encourage inconspicuous peer pressure in joining every internet group that is available to mankind, I must digress yet again and not feed into the mass media of  Thus, I have created my own reviewing program on my blog that I will uncreatively call – Jelp.  Yes, That is Yelp brought to you directly from Joe.

This past week, me and a few buddies hit up the local Freshia on Beach Blvd. and Garden Grove Blvd.  In one supermarket, there was a lot of fare to absorb.  Thus, I must break it down for my simple readers.

each individually wrapped for sinful consumption. yummy.

The Bakery – absolutely a delight!  From condensed milk filled pastries to red bean bread to (complimentary) cream puffs, this small little corner held a lot of bang for the buck as far sweets and not-so-sweets.  As of our visit, they had a special of 13 $1 items for only $10.  What a steal!  It is like getting three free – oh yes, it is.  Well, of course we had to divulge and each of us spent a mere few dollars for the bounty of baked goods that we left with.  I personally liked EVERYTHING!!!

vy, a fashionable friend

The Grocery Store – has everything imaginable (well, Korean at least).  Just like the bakery, the grocery was well stocked with the necessity of any Korean meal – Hite beer, Aloe vera juice, and dried seaweed.  There were aisles and aisles of those things familiar and unfamiliar.  My friends of course stocked up on those things that will never be found at Vons or Ralphs and then we high-tailed it back to Kyochon to pick up our main course.

little sign, big taste

Kyochon – there as many ways to season the chicken as there are in pronouncing the name.  The food was delicious and there was quite a large selection to choose from.  My favorites include the garlic chicken, the chicken bulgogi (over rice), and the potato wedge fries.  The original (or whatever it is called) is super spicy and should deserve some recognition in eating some.  Relative to wingstop or my mother’s own cooking, Kyochon is rather pricey, but worth it for those who are too lazy to cook or (for some insanely illogical reason) do not like Wingstop.  There were five of us and we spent $80 total (not including the grocery and bakery purchases).

Well, I hope my reviews will be Jelp-worthy and an accurate source of information for those seeking the unknown.  Thank you and onto the next Jelp!!!


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