the pursuit of quality in a fleeting life

my happiest place on earth.

(postcard worthy)

I guess my newest place to hang out, although infrequently, is the “so-called” “happiest place on earth.”  Although it may be marketed as such, I would have to undoubtedly agree.  Last week, I was fortunate enough to have a day off from the hectic frenzy of work to have a leisurely relaxing and “line-waiting” induced day at the Disney parks.

Of course, it was another picture-esqued day in Orange County and armed with my new camera, it was certainly a day of photographic-experimentation as much as it was just a day to be carefree.

It was unexpectedly crowded for a Friday after New Year’s; however, explicable by the number of people wearing red and orange.  Darn tourists.

Well, enjoy the following pictures and if you’re looking for a Disney buddy to go to Disneyland with, then please do not ask me.  Just kidding, I’d be more than happiest to go!

jumping for the skies.

two cutest girls in the world.

the golden gate (replicated)


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