the pursuit of quality in a fleeting life

before time ends.

my obsession and my mini-muse.

The day before our very own Vy was to depart for the island yet again, we spent the day reveling in many of the simple indulgences of Orange County that we so dearly take for granted.  Food, shopping, friends, what more can a person as for?

First, we met up with the gang for dim sum at Ten Ten Restaurant; however, of course, there was a thrift store nearby so I had to stop by and check out the uber-cheap books and the great assortment of broken-in clothing.  There was an abundance of books and was able to nab a few good reads: A Hardy Boys book #61, The Snow Garden by Christopher Rice, and The House of Sand and Fog by Andre Dubus III.  I will follow-up with reviews once I have the time to actually read my reads.  Unfortunately and fortunately, the others had arrived before I had time to really look for some great vintage goods.

yum sum.

Second, we finally divulged in the plethora of steamed and fried foods that were offered on carts at Ten Ten Restaurant.  As usual it was a meal consisting primarily of fat infused delicacies saturated in sodium-free soy sauce (somehow that makes everything all better).  It was certainly satisfying, but a huge deterrent of productivity after such a meal.

thai iced tea and grass jelly. the most deadly of combinations.

Seemingly unsatisfied by our calorie-rich meal, we decided to stop by next door to grab a few drinks before we headed on to our next endeavor – Ten Ren.  Of course, I had to get my favorite while the other partook of other foreign drinks – green tea with aloe vera and blended thai iced tea with boba.  Sifting through the different variations in which the day could proceed, we decided to separate into two parties – Joe and Vy heading to the Block, while Kim, Elizabeth, and I headed to Nordstrom Rack.

heaven on a plate.

Of course, that only lead to unnecessary spending and the subsequent cognitive dissonance that always follows.  We then regrouped at mass, sat through an hour-plus of what was seemingly foreign non-sense of the religious type.  Then of course, like clock work, we were hungry yet again.  Set on an Asian inspired regiment, we headed for my new favorite little joint in Little Saigon, Com Tam Thuan Kieu.  We each had combination plates that were filled to the brim of goodness and we indulged in every last bite.  So much so that we were practically kicked out the place due its ridiculous closing time of 9 pm on a Saturday night!

yummyfruitiliciousness in a crepe. (Obey PVC hoodie/jacket, life/after/denim button-up shirt, G-Star skinny jeans)

Without a doubt, we had to find something to cleanse the palette after such a meal, and what better way than some Genki Living in Garden Grove.  Kim and I had a delicious crepe filled with nutella, green tea ice cream, strawberries, pineapples, and mango (or something like that).  Nevertheless, it was delicious and put us over the top in fullness.

After breaking bread many a times that day, we had to wearily say our good-byes to our island friend and call it a night.  We won’t be seeing you for the next four months, but that gives us perfect time to lose all that weight and gain it all back when you come home.  Good eating!!!


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