the pursuit of quality in a fleeting life

your spin on it.

new york 2008

In a meeting today with the store manager, my department manager, the Vice President of Sales of one of our vendors with his assistant, and couple of my associates, it was brought to my attention that negativity is second, if not first, nature for many people.

Without going into too much detail,  the situation was one dealing with stock, inventory levels, supply, and demand.  Well, it just so happened that this particular vendor is notorious for having inadequate stock levels, inefficient logistical planning skills, and a general lack of communication as to the needs of the business.  Nevertheless, these two product specialist associates felt that a surplus of a particular fragrance was deterring them from the business that they could be making.  Disappointment, resentment, and anger were the general emotions that were expressed.

As naive and inexperienced as I may be in fragrances, I could not help, but just sit there and think of what an opportunity this is.  In this situation, I felt that it was so hard-pressed to get ANY merchandise from this specific vendor, that it should be considered a blessing that we have so much of such a wonderful product.

  • We could distribute this inventory to other parts of store that have not had exposure to the product.
  • We could collaborate with an artist to customize this inventory and make it a collector’s item.
  • We could center an event around this particular scent.

There are so many opportunities that were overlooked that the only reason I was disappointed was that instead of spinning this situation into a business opportunity, it was spun into a business barrier that seems too difficult to overcome.

Moral of the story: when life gives you a large bundle of cotton, spin it into some luxury canvas, coat it, stamp it with some L’s and V’s and make a beautiful Keepall.  Until next time, how are you going to spin it?


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