the pursuit of quality in a fleeting life

done with winter

It has recently been brought to my attention that I have not updated this blog in quite some time.  Well, that is certainly true.  With the chaos of work, the laziness of leisure, and daunting task of actually spending more time in front of a computer screen, the proposition of doing such has been highly neglected.

Anyways, to quickly recap on my life since the last posting, there have not been any significant developments.  I am still single, still working my behind off, and still searching for some meaning to the seemingly redundant patterns of existence.

On a brighter note, I did enjoy a fantastic meal with some friends at the Downtown Brea hot-spot, Taps.  We indulged in the $25 3-course prix fixe menu offered for a limited time.  It was a wonderful experience of gluttony and overindulgence.  I personally had the house ale; a sumptuous Louisiana-style gumbo; a large entree consisting of the most tender filet mignon, three oversized grilled shrimp, the softest mash potatoes I have ever had, and steamed vegetables; and to finish the evening, a large, richly delicious, chocolate souffle.  The entire meal was divine in every aspect including the atmosphere, service, and matured clientele.  I highly recommend anyone to take advantage of this culinary endeavor featured at a substantial value.

As the hibernation period continues, the stories of adventure and exploration take a hiatus as well.  Take solace in knowing that come the first signs of spring and good fortune await us in the coming months.  In the mean time, I will try my best to keep this blog relevant and exciting for the masses of readers that have come to know and love fastcars/highfashion.


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