the pursuit of quality in a fleeting life

i love new york

i love new york

For those who know me, I love New York.

It may be cliche, it may be overstated, it may be a trivial pursuit for something beyond me.  No matter what it may be, I love New York.

I love New York because of the possibility of finding love in New York. In a world that is considered a large pond of which many fish roam, New York is the Ritz of all the clusters of coral.  With so many people concentrated in such a confined geographical area, the probability of finding that one true love is significantly greater than in the vast expanses of characters more easily found elsewhere.  New York is filled with personality, culture, and adventure; of which draws out the curiosity of each of its inhabitants to sprawl out on the pavements every day to pursue their aspirations.  They walk through the streets with boldness, courage, and unending stamina towards a goal, desire, or calling.  The serendipitous meeting, the casual glance, or the inadvertent bump; each interaction is one step closer to a connection that will last a lifetime.

For such reasons, I love New York and every Christmas, I long for that one way ticket to the city that never sleeps.  To finally take that leap for love.  Until then; I persevere, save-up, and continue to dream of a love not yet experienced.


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