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father’s office

amazing - FO burger.

On a recent day off, yes I actually had a day off, Marianne and I decided to trek it and head up to our favorite (local) city, LA.  What was a casual day became a very casual day.  We had a simple agenda

1.  eat at Father’s Office.


I heard about Father’s Office from quite a few reputable resources, a late-night program on the Food Network and the always trustworthy GQ magazine.  I first was made known to the corporate dwelling from the latter and was then reaffirmed of its notoriety from the Food Network.  We set out to have lunch at this bar/restaurant, however, with the scrutinized research that I conducted, I failed to realize that the joint did not open until 5pm.

With the newfound time to kill, we decided to high-tail it over to the Grove and check it out.  It was a gorgeous day and more so because the center was open-aired.  We trolled the shops, rustled the racks, and soaked in the sunlight (of which I get so little of on a regular basis).  So nice things, so little money to buy them with.  The least guilty purchase was a coffee and strawberry/whipped cream funnel cake that was as fattening as it was delicious.

(H&M cardigan, BDG tee, Paul Frank sunglasses)

Nevertheless, the pressure of peers (actually just one) led me to make an irresponsible purchase that I will have to give up in the near future.  We were adequately inspired and reciprocally depressed so we decided to head back to the initial destination that we had arrived at.

Still, we were too early, so we decided to make house and check out the various Buttercup furniture retailers that were located next door.  They had so many wonderful genres of interior design that we have sworn to neatly upholstered cushions and bookshelves filled with random books unread.

Finally, with the cold set in and our appetites insatiable, we were finally let into the famed dwelling.  To make it simple, I had the “FO burger” and it was ABSOLUTELY amazing.  Served on a French roll (rather than a dense burger bun) with caramelized onions (rather than ketchup/mustard/crap) with melted mozzarella cheese (rather than squares of American) and fresh arugula (rather than fisted lettuce).  The burger was juicy (served medium) and succulent in the most appealing ways.  I had it served with regular shoestring fries, but next time, I will be sure to substitute with sweet potato fries.

Marianne had the “Cheese” of which we had assumed was a grilled cheese sandwich or something to that effect, but we were entirely wrong.  her platter came out and it comprised of five slices of thinly slices pieces of bread embedded with walnuts and raisins, four variations of cheese both smooth and more substantial, and finally two sauces that proved to be very complementary of everything on the plate.  Although there was some assembling to the dish, it was nevertheless favorable the light appetite of its consumer.

This restaurant is especially known for its immense collection of beers on tap.  Next time that we head up to this great restaurant, I will be sure to have a designated driver and indulge in one of the many brewskies they have available.

So who wants to be sent to Father’s Office?  I do.


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