the pursuit of quality in a fleeting life

Remember when…

Just to touch

Nine years ago, something really bad happened.  It wasn’t another morning in high school.  It wasn’t that I had to ride the bus at the wee hours of morning.  It wasn’t another morning that I skipped breakfast because I was running late for the bus that was picking me up in the wee hours of the freezing morning at a God forsaken hour.

I skipped that breakfast, rode that bus, and headed to the bench in front of Biology like I did every morning.  This morning was different.  Unlike any other morning, every tv in every classroom was turned on and each student transfixed to the news.  If the thought of students actually being interested in real, non-entertainment related news were not strange enough, what was playing over and over would have blown your mind.

I kept thinking that I was dreaming, that this day had yet to begin when I woke up.  Pinch.  This was really happening.

“No Way.”  That day was one in modern American history that would never be forgotten.

The school bell rang as scheduled and the fixation broke for a brief moment.  We proceeded to our classes, mine being homeroom in American Politics.  Our dream did not change when I got there.

A voice, not from God, but from the principal asked everyone to turn off the tv.  We obliged and the voice continued.  He explained to us what was happening as we sat there in shock and awe.  We searched for comprehension of what was going on.  Little did we know, our history was being forged right before our eyes.

I sat and cried a little.  Holding back tears for the crazy mayhem and lack of humanity being presented to us, I was ashamed of being human.


Like it was yesterday, that day is as vivid in my mind as it was that morning.

Yesterday began like any other.  It was another day, another work day, another dollar.  Significant, important, remembered should have been the words to describe September 11th.  I was not able to remember the significance of this day on its actual day, but I will always remember the fragility of the human body and that at any moment, we can be taken away from this world.  Not by other hands, but by the fate that we are all victim to.  For me, I choose to remember September 11th not as the day that the world stood still, but a day to be reminded to be good to each other and to live each day like it is your last.

Make it count or it may just fall, crumbling down.



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