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A real F’ed up situation

In a world filled with light, there is the occasional darkness. (Outside the California Sciencenter, no relation to this posting.)

Last night, I saw the most graphic movie I had seen in a very long time.  Eat, Pray, Love.  I’m kidding, the movie was Kick-Ass.  A simple story with an enemy and a hero, it was unassuming at first, but after the first five minutes, it turned from a jovial, comic-esque plot to something that rivaled the Abu-Ghraib prison abuse photos (May 2004) that were shown all over the news.

From limbs being severed to heads being blown off by a shotgun to a man being obliterated into mush in a life-size microwave, the violence in this movie seemed so surreal. When the main character, only seventeen and dressed in a wet-suit superhero costume, gets blatantly stabbed by a street-thug for trying to stop a civilian ass-beating, I was disgusted.

I had never shaded my eyes from any movie so much as when I had watched Paranormal Activity last October.  Still, I did not feel like vomiting in the latter.

What appalled me the most was the lack of sensitivity to the violence portrayed in the movie. Also, the fact that what they mock on-screen is actually happening around the world – in our own neighborhoods for that matter, is certainly disheartening.  It is sickening to think that human society has been so desensitized by the constant imagery of violence and bloodshed that we now find it entertaining and pleasurable to watch.  When has it become acceptable to watch a “hero” be handcuffed to a chair, beaten to a pulp, then set on fire for the entire internet generation to watch.  (enter vomit).

The acceptance of violence and destruction resonates at such a young age that the other major culprit of slashing and slaying is a twelve-year-old little girl who kills (gruesomely) more men in the movie than the number of years she is assigned to play.  Her skills with a samurai sword and quickness with a handgun rival those of teenagers today who spend all their time on computers blasting away aliens and rebels troops.  Her role in the movie was the final straw.

It was entertaining at times, laughable at others, but for the majority of this action-blood-sport movie, I was entirely disgusted.  I must congratulate Hollywood because they have succeeded in creating a movie that not only mocks the significance of violence in modern society, but it serves as an instruction manual for those who are crazy enough to execute on their imagination.  If you really want to spend your time wisely,

  1. Do not watch this movie.
  2. Tell someone you love them.



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