the pursuit of quality in a fleeting life

The little Crumbs in life

Americana Walker

If “shopping centers” were rated by stars, the Americana at Brand would be the Sun.  Beauty, selection, and a gorgeous day make for a perfectly leisure-filled afternoon.  Reminiscent of a true little town’s Main St., the Americana is a diamond in the rough of Glendale.  I actually do not know if Glendale would actually be considered a “rough”, but either way, the center stands on its own.

Anyways, on to our day; we immediately sat down to a couple cupcakes from Crumbs bakery – red velvet and caramel pecan.  Delicious and equally fattening, we had the sugar level of a Pop Rock-induced 5-year-old.  We strolled over to the Barneys Co-Op; drooled, fancied, and cried at the number of beautiful pieces that longed to be worn for fall.  Stopped by a few other shops and decided to call it quits.

Our appetites came and we headed to Grandville Cafe for dinner.  Yummalicious.  I had the Mac & Cheese and the combination of all my favorites – asparagus, chicken, and peas – absolutely heavenly.  This restaurant was awesome in every sense, however, our server was severely thin and commented that the portions are too large for him (totally unnecessary).  A high recommend on a very long list of excellent Los Angeles restaurants.

Full, tired, and comatosed; we headed home from a long day in Glen-daaaalllleeee!!!!


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