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Serve it to the kids (Las Vegas Volume 2, Chapter 1)


There is nothing more relaxing than baking in the dry, sensual heat of Las Vegas.  This was our first official day in the city of entertainment and we were basking in the ambience (aka sunlight) at the amazing pools of The Palazzo.  The blended drinks come very light so either share with the kids or be sure you have enough to get a few for yourself.

(No, it is not Kermit.)

After a few hours at the pool, we were ready to for dinner and where better than one of the best steak houses in Las Vegas.  Located at The Wynn, SW is a superb restaurant with a fantastic view.  In addition to an expensive menu and an open dinner patio, the restaurant is nestled next to a beautiful waterfall that also acts as a curtain for the whimsical mini-shows that entertain guests every 30-minutes.  Dinner and entertainment – excellent!

(Filet Mignon, Mac&Cheese, Creamed Broccolli - To only die would be a dream.)

(La Reve. Magnifico!!!)

Then later that evening, we were treated to the magnificent production of La Reve – fourth row!!!  This show was absolutely amazing and of course, I caught myself on several occasions with my mouth wide open in awe.  I have never seen anything that had so much theatricality and inspiration.  I HIGHLY recommend to everyone to go see this spectacular show at The Wynn.  NOTE: Picture taking is not allowed in the theater.

Our first day came to an end – only to lead us on to the second day of adventures.


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