the pursuit of quality in a fleeting life

Full Frontal (Las Vegas Volume 2, Chapter 2)


(Up-close and personal.)


In all my 24 years, I have never had the pleasure of sitting front row to such a spectacular show – KA.  The engineering, the theatricality, the excitement was magnified to the tenth-degree.

However, I must speak to the past before talking about this more recent experience…  A couple years ago, I went to see this amazing show with a large cup of Adios and a bag of popcorn.  Little did I know that that combination was not enough to keep my attention after being drained from an afternoon of aquatic activities (aka the pool).  I missed a few things, but I got the jist of the non-English spoken show.  The main difference was that we were seated about half the auditorium back.

Moving to this more recent visit to the KA theatre, we were seated dead-center in the FRONT row.  There were no other seats of greater proximity to the action that was happening all around us.  Left, right, front, back, and above us; there was always something happen that put us near the grips of death.  On multiple occasions, I felt like I was going to be struck in the head by fabric, weapons, or anatomical limbs being swing in every which way.  There was fire, wind, smoke, sand, fog, and every other prop being tossed our way.  It was such a surreal experience.


(Seriously, so close.)


This excursion was certainly more memorable than if I were sitting front row to a stripper (not that I have ever had the pleasure.  No, really, I haven’t.)  When in doubt, book front row.  Good Luck!!


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