the pursuit of quality in a fleeting life

The Classic (Volume 1, Part 1)

(The view from paradise)

The saying goes that if you’ve got something good, then hold onto it for dear life.  This annual trip with old friends really goes to show that no matter where we are in life, the best of friends can always reunite in the city that never sleeps and hash out the stresses of life and just have some plain old good times.

We left at the usual time of Friday afternoon as we headed for the barren desert to begin our adventure in the city of lights.  When we got to Aria, we were amazed at the size of our one-bedroom suite with views in every direction. Thank goodness that the windows were only one way.

We went to see the Holly Madison show, Peepshow, and were amazed at the choreographic talents of scantily clad young women.

We then headed to the shady part of town – Downtown Las Vegas.  I can only say that when all else fails and all your friends ditch you (which didn’t happen to me, thank God) stay in the light.  I lost $50 bucks playing Wheel of (non)Fortune slots and decided to call it a night.

A few of us got back to the room at the wee hours of the morning and what else is there to do, but to take a bubble bath.  With views of the city, a bottle of indistinguishable liquids, and a mountain of bubbles; that was the recipe for happiness.  We relaxed, laughed, and swore our losses till the rest came home.

On to Saturday…


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