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Weekend in paradise, in the city.

the key to luxury.

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to spend a couple nights that the renowned monument, The Beverly Hills Hotel.  Nicknamed the “Pink Castle,” this is where all of the whos whos and whats whats of the entertainment industry stay at when they are in town or just want to escape from the city.  Well anyways, on to my experience.



Serve it to the kids (Las Vegas Volume 2, Chapter 1)


There is nothing more relaxing than baking in the dry, sensual heat of Las Vegas.  This was our first official day in the city of entertainment and we were basking in the ambience (aka sunlight) at the amazing pools of The Palazzo.  The blended drinks come very light so either share with the kids or be sure you have enough to get a few for yourself.


Enter the Cream Pan


Recently, on our excursion to the cherry fields, I stopped by the famed and notorious Cream Pan in Tustin to pick up some of its renowned Strawberry Croissants.  Flaky, creamy, and fresh, the treats were a delight to behold. I highly recommend this little hole in the wall and find it severely ironic that such a wonderful bakery would be in such close proximity to a gym.  Enjoy!!!

Pick My Cherry


I love dayscursions.  Most recently, my group of friends and I decided to jump at the opportunity to go pay to pick cherries.  Actually, it was not in that particular order; we had to pick the cherries ourselves first, then upon exiting, we had to pay for whatever we took out with us.  Yes, quite counter intuitive, but reality nonetheless.


father’s office

amazing - FO burger.

On a recent day off, yes I actually had a day off, Marianne and I decided to trek it and head up to our favorite (local) city, LA.  What was a casual day became a very casual day.  We had a simple agenda

1.  eat at Father’s Office.