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Life is beautiful


It has been forever and I have not added anything new to this long lost blog. I think beginning today, I will be taking a new approach to this blog.

“the pursuit of quality in a fleeting life”

That has been my mission statement for this blog, however, I have failed to recognized that quality is just the mere fact of living life the best we can. Therefore, I will now concentrate on those things that bring quality to my life. I will challenge to recognize a new quality of life that will be an indicator for the true value of the combined total of our experiences = life.

Today, I would like to recognize that it was a celebration of my aunt’s 25 dedicated years to God. An amazing devotion and a true role model to us all. Thank you Aunt Cecilia for teaching us about patience and self sacrifice. We love you so much!


read label carefully

So last Thursday, I took my sister and a couple of my younger cousins to go see the new Harry Potter movie.  The movie was great and the kids really liked it – me too.  However, the topic in which I would like to blog about today stems from a preview of the new Fox television show called “Glee” that showed before the movie.  The preview looked extremely hysterical because its cast includes the crazy female program director from the movie, “Role Models.”  Well, this evening I hopped on the computer and watched the pilot episode on and it got the brain juices stirring…

Why are we bombarded and so consumed with the idea of labeling and the categorization of individuals into preconceived notions of group?  Does it make it easier to just fit people into these predetermined bins of race, gender, ethnicity, faith, sexuality, etc.?

If so then I guess my full categorization would an:

American-Vietnamese, assistant department manager, (more) Christian (than Catholic), heterosexual, 22 year-old male – just to name a few.

Sometimes, I feel that we are so preoccupied with what cookie -cut-subset of society that we belong to, that we essentially limit our experiences to those who fit into that same category.  Because we are systematically organized into such a caste; our expectations, goals, and accomplishments are then predetermined for us based upon those attributes that are most prominent.  And to think of anything beyond the boundaries of our confines, we are criticized, mocked, and made embarrassed to be unique, creative, and essentially human.  Although as babies, we are born over 90% identical to one another, the experiences and chemistry that accumulate thereafter make us all different.

So as being in the aforementioned category, I strive everyday to live my life vigorously, work my ass off, dream big, and not let my labels determine who I am.

“the only life worth living is the one that you’re really passionate about.”

(glee pilot episode, fox)

kiddie movies make men cry too

So last night, I actually sat/laid down for a movie with my little sister.  Arguing that it was my turn to pick the movie, I quickly obliged and looked through my options in the plastic, highly dusty crate that I use to store my “extensive” DVD collection.  Out of nostalgia and flat-out not being able to remember correctly its plot, I chose the Walt Disney movie, “Bridge to Terabithia.”

NOTE: If you have not seen this movie, then please press the pause button on your web browser and go watch it immediately.  I may/will spoil the climax for you if you do not heed my advice.

Well back to my blog, the movie basically tells of the friendship between two young outsiders who develop a mutual relationship based on the shared interest of imagination and story-telling.  They seek refuge in a sanctuary perched high in a tree and corroborate a childishly clever plot to fill their leisure.  Their fancies are tried and true, until the boy skips out on his best friend to go an art museum and comes home to learn a valuable lesson about death/life.

The story is just so amazing and innocent, that no one can help but shed a tear and reflect on the great relevance of these two children to its audience, young or old.  Personally, the movie makes me realize that life is way too short for the BS that we fill it with. Everyone just needs to stop complaining, stop bitching, and most of all, stop saying that nothing is possible.  If everyone just gave up at any minor obstacle, we would not have the fantastic world we reside in today.

With the wise words of a young girl,

“Close your eyes tightly but keep you mind open, keep it wide open.”

I challenge you, the near nonexistent readers and myself, to just swing across that rope and conquer, achieve, and succeed in the world that we make.  And should you ever forget your sole mission in life, then pop “Bridge to Terabithia” back into the DVD player and have another good crying session.

what the F, kinda day


(Zara blue and black plaid shirt, H&M tan shorts, Locman Watch, Sperry Topsider navy boat shoes)

Have you ever had one of those days where you find yourself just asking, “What the f*** am I doing?!?!”  Well, that day was yesterday.

In the midst of yet another simultaneously redundant sale, clothes strewn everywhere and old ladies shouting for me from every corner, I just could not help myself, but ask, “What the hell am i doing here?”

Granted most days, I am happy for the busy-ness, the feeling of being needed, and the rain of compliments; that day, I was just looking for the time to go by and the door drawing closer.  I work my ass off, sweat, blood, and tears all included; and in the end, I just find myself asking, “What for?”

Well, when i find out, I will definitely blog it for everyone to know.  Until then, keep trekking because at the end of any hike is a beautiful lake to play in.

the man in the mirror

Yesterday, after lunch, the world (I guess just those in the PST) went back to work, logged onto, and found out that it had lost a legend – the one and only Michael Jackson (MJ).

Over the course of yesterday and today, I was audience to the many instances this legend has touched in the lives of so many people.

For me, my experience with MJ was on a church floor in the Southern California mountains at a Confirmation retreat in 2003.  It was a docile self-examination exercise that involved various popular, secular songs and a small journal.  The only song I could remember from that exercise was one by MJ.

A thoughtful song about a man who sees the world as an imperfect place in need of change. However, instead of trying to change the whole world, he begins with the place that is closest to him – The Man in the Mirror.

“I’m starting with the man in the mirror
I’m asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and then make that change.”

(Michael Jackson, “Man in the Mirror”)

This is such an amazing song that touches so closely to my heart because it deeply resembles the struggle for me as an individual and a Christian.  MJ reminds me that we can only effect positive change in the world if we are positively changing ourselves to be good people as well.  There are so many flaws that I carry and so many harmful habits that I partake in; therefore, what good am I to the world if I do not change myself first?  I may not save the world from hunger and pain, but I can start by being true to myself and who I am.

In the wake of an inspirational man’s passing, let’s look to his deep and profounds words to “make the world a better place” by “starting with the man in the mirror.”

RIP Michael Jackson.

the beginning of something new


(Locman watch, Brooks Brothers striped shirt)

Honestly, I have been wanting to start this blog for a very long time.  But the biggest obstacle that I had faced in doing so was the most simple – coming up with a clever, inspirational, catchy, ingenious, creative, and timeless title of which to call it.

After long nights, slow days, and random consultations, I have finally come to the few words that will perpetually define my online dialogue-

fast cars/high fashion.

Not so short, not so simple, not so precise, not so creative, but essentially who I am, welcome to my blog.

Although only a few words, I really believe that this phrase embodies my basic human philosophy – of life passing by so quickly and the daring task of living it to the fullest.

As I proceed on my journey as a novice blogger, I invite all those who have any interest in what I have to say to comment, to criticize, and to debate the ideas expressed.  We are all different people and hardly ever concur on every issue so speak your mind as I do so.

Thank you and God bless!!!